National & landscape level assessments

GLOBIO is available for individual countries to support their own national environmental assessments.

Organizations using GLOBIO on the national scale are typically policy-supporting governmental agencies, NGOs, national and regional research institutes and universities. In turn, these partners often work with other organizations, including those in neighboring countries, bringing together all available information and expertise and disseminating the results obtained.

An important requirement for the successful use of GLOBIO on the national or landscape scale is the availability of detailled data on historical and current land use. In addition a national road map is needed.

Modelling course

For countries who want to carry out a national or landscape assessment, a GLOBIO modelling course and additional support could be offered. Since 2002 capacity building projects have taken place in more than twenty countries.

Workshop Enschede2007a - klein
GLOBIO workshop (2007)

A national GLOBIO modelling course typically consists of three modules:

  1. Training on current status biodiversity modelling with GLOBIO (2 weeks)
  2. Training on future land use simulation (3 days)
  3. Advanced training  land use and biodiversity modelling (2 weeks)