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The GLOBIO4 model produces spatial datasets with scenario outcomes for land use/cover and mean species abundance (MSA) for plants, warm blooded vertebrates (birds and mammals) and an overall MSA. For selected papers and contributions to global assessments these datasets are made available for download here. The GLOBIO4 scenario data is provided under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY 4.0) and is free to use. All global model output datasets are in GeoTif raster format and use the WGS84 coordinate system on a 10 arcsecond spatial resolution, this roughly equals 300 x 300 meter at the equator.

When using the GLOBIO4 scenario data, citations and acknowledgements could be made to the suggested papers below and references included in the zipfiles.

Available GLOBIO4 scenario data

Paper/Assessment Year/Scenario Land use  MSA overall MSA plants MSA birds & mammals
    (~220 Mb) (~6Gb) (~900Mb) (~6Gb)
recent past trends 1992 LU tif      
  1995 LU tif      
  2000 LU tif      
  2005 LU tif      
  2010 LU tif      
  2015 LU tif      
  2020 LU tif      
Schipper et al. (2020)  2015 LU tif MSA tif MSA tif MSA tif
   2050 SSP1 RCP2.6 LU tif MSA tif MSA tif MSA tif
   2050 SSP3 RCP6.0 LU tif MSA tif MSA tif MSA tif
   2050 SSP5 RCP8.5 LU tif MSA tif MSA tif MSA tif
Kok et al (submitted)  BL, Half Earth and Sharing the Planet LU + conservation areas MSA