Let’s go, GoNEXUS!

Feb 2, 2022 | News

GLOBIO is participating in GoNEXUS, a 4-year EU-funded Horizon2020 project. 

As populations and economies continue to grow, the demand for water, energy and food is set to increase as well. However, the water, energy and food sectors are closely interlinked, and they rely on and impact ecosystems. This is known as the water-energy-food-ecosystems (WEFE) nexus. Due to the interlinkage of the WEFE components, joint planning is required to address global and local challenges in meeting demands of current and future societies.

GoNEXUS is a 4-year EU-funded Horizon2020 project aimed at developing an evaluation framework to design and assess innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable coordinated governance of the WEFE nexus. Scenario-based modelling is an important part of the project, with GLOBIO providing the ecosystem component. Within GoNEXUS, we will further develop GLOBIO-Aquatic and GLOBIO-Species, with a focus on freshwater fish species. We will improve pressure-impact relationships where needed and expand on the biodiversity output indicators. We will then use the improved GLOBIO models to evaluate nexus challenges in eight case studies (one being the whole globe) and for various integrated future development scenarios.

More information on GoNEXUS, its case studies, involved partners or project news can be found on the project website ( and Twitter page (

Let’s go, GoNEXUS!

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