New paper: Impact of roads on biodiversity

date: 2010-04-30


Now available online: paper in Biological Conservation on the impact of roads on biodiversity. The quantitative relationships resulting from this study will be used in GLOBIO.

Biodiversity is being lost at an increased rate as a result of human activities. One of the major threats to biodiversity is infrastructural development. We used meta-analyses to study the effects of infrastructure proximity on mammal and bird populations. Data were gathered from 49 studies on 234 mammal and bird species.

The main response by mammals and birds in the vicinity of infrastructure was either avoidance or a reduced population density. The mean species abundance, relative to non-disturbed distances (MSA), was used as the effect size measure. The impact of infrastructure distance on MSA was studied using meta-analyses. Possible sources of heterogeneity in the results of the meta-analysis were explored with meta-regression.

Source: Benitez et al. 2010

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