African workshop on national biodiversity reporting and scenario analysis

date: 2013-03-27

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January 2013 - This month the first of a series of workshops for developing countries was held in Nairobi, Kenya. The workshops are an initiative of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The aim is to support the participating countries in the development of their 5th National Report to the CBD. The aim is also to make participants familiar with analysis of scenarios using GLOBIO and policy options to prevent biodiversity loss.

The five-day workshop consisted of two parallel sessions led by CBD and PBL. Seventeen least developed countries of Anglophone Africa took part in the workshop.

5th National Report to the CBD

The parallel workshop led by CBD was aimed at supporting the countries in the preparations of their 5th National Report. The specific focus was on:

Modelling biodiversity loss

The workshop that was conducted by PBL aimed at modelling of biodiversity loss on national or regional level, the use of indicators of biodiversity loss and analysis of policy options to reduce biodiversity loss. These issues are supported by the GLOBIO model and the CLUE land use model. Step by step concepts and models were introduced, discussed and explored:

  1. What is the process of biodiversity loss? (view presentation)
  2. What indicators can be used to describe biodiversity loss? ( view presentation )
  3. The concept of modelling using GLOBIO ( view presentation )
  4. Scenarios and policy options ( view presentation )
  5. Discussion with participants on the policy options that were calculated ( view presentation )
  6. Outcomes per country that participants could bring back home to present ( view example )

A summary of the workshop will follow shortly.

Upcoming workshops

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